Store Issues Updates and Freebie

I am so sorry for the store issues! I hope the freebie below and sale extension will somewhat make up for any frustrations.

**PS: I WILL BE EXTENDING THE 50% OFF SALE, as I didn't want to post it to FB, or subscribers while it was broken. It only creates frustration!

August 5th
Do any of you remember the show, TheTwilight Zone? I feel like I am in it..LOL. I SWORE I already posted this.. (I must not have saved it before closing. I just realized I did not change the Sale banner just noticed the lack of update)
Sooo, turns out the 3rd party theme I bought updated it. I have to download the new update, and work on it they said, then re upload it...(cuz I have time for that?.LOL.NOT! )  Apparently with Shopify, updates can change your store look etc. You would think I would have gotten an email from them?
I had purchased a different (better) theme awhile working on that instead. It has mucked up everything so very very much....aarrgghh...

Please bear with me...I am trying to work on things with a 24/7 care kiddo too. (So a bit frazzled, and my memory is terrible to begin with lol)

August 3rd
I lied, the login catpcha box is back too! I KNOW how frustrating it is! Sorry.
Depending on what browser and electronic you are on, you my get through, or not! =(
I am extending the sale due to the amount of time this issue has been going on. Please email me if it is giving you too much grief, and I'll help you out the best I can!

* Hey everyone! OK, We are still having a few issues with the customer accounts page, as well as the sign up will give you a captcha!

If you wish to sign up for newsletters, you will get the captcha box. PLEASE feel free to email me instead, and I can add you myself.  (when i went through it, i was SOOO annoyed by the time i was done with the bikes, and sidewalks AND hydrants!! wow!)
But, at least you can log in now, I'm getting ALL my emails. etc.
Please bear with me a bit longer! My Surface pro and photoshop are acting up too ;l

* I hope maybe this freebie will somewhat make up for the store frusterations.
* Below you will find all the info so far. (click on Stella for the freebie)
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Login error

Customer Accounts

Gallery Pics

On a good note...I was given the gift of supreme stubborness..LOL

Please bear with me

(My son came to visit, and said i talk to myself a so i thought this digital image would be perfect! I told him.." just make sure my straight jacket is purple"