FB April Freebie


Thanks for following our new Facebook Group!

I still have the Bugaboo Page but added a group so we all can see your beautiful creations on the MAIN page (not off to the side)...and be more of a group, getting to know each other and more sharing !
Because YOU guys are the ones who bring them to life!

I am also hoping to bring in some follower goodies and specials etc to the new group...and well....get it going!.....What I HAD planned for the new year until chaos hit! LOL

Sorry I've been away so long!
I am having some health issues, and some family things going on....
not to mention store issues! (uuugh).....LOL

PLEASE share your creations you make with us if you like on the new group HERE!

I am sure everyone would love to see them! It's awesome inspiration....for me too!